Earn Cash for Every Successful Referral

At Estrada Taxes we have a Referral Program like no other. Our Referral Program is designed to benefit all of our clients. We have an opportunity for you to make an UNLIMITED source of income…without having to punch the clock. It is not uncommon for some to make hundreds of dollars simply based on referrals. What an easy way to increase your income!

Refer your friends and family to Estrada Taxes and we’ll reward you with $25 cash and your friend with $25 off their first service.

Girl-moneyIndividual Tax Referrals

1 referral = $25

2 referrals = $50

3 referrals = $75

4 referrals = $100

Business Tax Referrals

1 business referral = $100

2 business referrals = $200

3 business referrals = $300

4 business referrals = $400

There’s no limit to the number of new customers you can refer to Estrada Taxes.

Referrals are paid for new customers who have never been a customer of Estrada Taxes. New customers must provide the referrer name at time of tax interview. Referral fees will be paid upon payment of tax preparation fees.